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the color, RED

Red. The color of Love, Valentine and my Pepper!

Aha! Oshofree! So cuz of Valentine now, you are now “allova” me, loving me suddenly. Shift jor! Hehehehehe! Oya come back. So, *arranging my pepper hawking basket*, how are you? Your Valentine has disappointed you, abi? Just ’cause you asked for a BB 10 (only)? Don’t mind him/her. You will disappoint him/her too. The same way I disappointed Iskilu. More of that gist, later, ok?


No. Seriously. What does Valentine mean to you? A day to love, share, care and receive same in return? A day to tax all your (new, old and potential) toasters? A day you spend consoling yourself with a bucket of  Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream saying “Well, I can love myself!” *chuckles* Or maybe you spend your Valentine’s hard at work and would catch a late night drink with your friends later? Seriously, how do YOU spend your Valentine’s? And I’m not asking the ladies only.

Perhaps now is the time to share how I’m spending my Valentine. No, I am not talking about Monsuru or Iskilu jor. I plan on spending my Valentine’s with you. Yes, YOU. You may now pick your jaw from the floor now. Are you asking me how? *bats eyelashes Ngozi style* How YOU want am?

plan on going on a blind date with YOU, my dear fan/follower/blog visitor. Yes. Seriously. You don’t know what I look like, remember? And for those of you already fantasizing on my “ibadi aran”, this would be a good way to meet me, the real OmoAlata. Yea? All you gotta do is;

Yes. It’s that simple. Buy a pack (or more!) of my Pepper mix and take a fantastic and creative photograph (of yourself) with it – in a desired scenery at yours. Post your picture to my FB page and/or tweet them at me with the caption/hashtag; #ThisIsOmoAlata. It IS that simple. And this competition is open to guys too o! *winks*

Ask/beg/compel/pressure your friends, lovers, family members/colleagues and even enemies to vote for your picture on my FB page – after liking the page, of course. Voting begins as soon as you post your picture and the voting window closes at 9pm of February 12th, top 3 winners will be announced at midnight, February 13th and gift boxes will be delivered on February 14th. I’ll personally deliver your gifts to you. I promise. And no, I am sorry; I cannot take any pictures with you for personal and business reasons. Apologies – in advance, for this.

So, tell that small boy off, tell that yeye geh to go away. OmoAlata shall be your Val this Valentine and boy, would it be swell! But the question is, are you game enough? Ready! Set! Action!


Yours (in a mask with a camera),

The Lady in Red, OmoAlata

Photo Credits: Olamild. Ent.


The 1st Red Letter

Hello! Welcome to my kitchen! Naaaaah! Scratch that.
*in Madea’s voice* Helluuuuur!
*in Sulia’s voice* What are you faining in my kitshen?
*in Chigurl’s voice* U wanra buy some pepper?
And now, you are probably wondering if I’ve got a multiple personality disorder.

Seriously tho! Welcome to my blog. And thank you so much for stopping by. I’m so happy to pen these words of love to you underneath the moonlight of the bamboo tree just behind your hostel… I expect those that were into writing lame-ass love notes back in the days would understand that. *winks*

Now. *game face on* Who’s OmoAlata? And what’s the noise about this blog all about? *drum rolls* Trust me. This is a kitchen like one you’ve never been to before. Pots and pans – amongst other things, will definitely fly. In this kitchen, there would be love, laughter and there would lots to learn. This blog is the growing baby of the OmoAlata – McPeppers brand and trust me when I say the future of this brand is going to WOW you outta your panties! Yep. I said it. Sue me. :p

But “seriously tho” – and I probably should stop using that phrase, I’m happy that you are here and promise that every moment you spend (reading, commenting and telling people to subscribe to this blog) would be worth it! The product being hyped – for now, is the OmoAlata Pepper Mix. But, that is just for now. Today, Pepper, tomorrow, The World! *chuckles excitedly*

So, once again, I welcome you to what I’d like to call “The Epic Kitchen” and though this blog title reads “OmoAlata”, trust me, this page would definitely be known for more than the pepper that I’m selling right now!

Now. *clenches fist*
For the sake of national peace, please do the following;

1. SUBSCRIBE to this blog page
2. PURSUE me on Twitter
3. LOVE me on FB and tell a friend about me!
4. BUY Me! Cuz, owo ni koko mehn!

There! That wasn’t so hard was it? Ose jere.
Now, let me get to work on this #Valentine matter.

Toodles, mi loves! *blows peppered kisses*

Yours in a selzy red kitchen apron,
Dame Pepperlicious.

Many thanks to @MyLucidGabble and @deTONEnate for helping birth this first post.

Bless your sweet peppered hearts!


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