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Been a minute o! How have you been? Yes, I have missed you too! *blows peppered kisses*
So… *adjusts my thinking gele* What to post about today..? Aha! I gorrit!
I tweeted some days ago ’bout my kitchen and my little every day successes and miracles. And then it occurred to me that I have never put myself on the Kitchen Hot Plate (abi na Hot Seat?) for the entertainment and education of all of una. So here goes, Peeps! #MeetOmoAlata. Enjoy…

● I absolutely love doing the dishes! Before I start washing them though, I stack them up in a well arranged order. Le OCD?
● I used to cover my pots with the lids upside down! And then, I’d place soup/stew spoons on the upturned lids. A bad habit I picked my rice-selling days. I think I’ve stopped it now sha.

● Onions. My dad said those small small one taste bitter though.
● Black Pepper. Odikwa magic!

● Making ‘Succulent Eba’! How-to? See me in camera. *winks*
● Iron Toast Bread. Heaven!
● My many-many cocktail mixes! ♥♥♥

● The 1st Eba I ever made was for my grandma. I served it like ‘paper machè’. She cussed me taya – in Ijesha language, that day.

● Making tapioca with my microwave.

Isale potu of Jollof Rice
● Microwave-made tapioca

● Amala! I swear, the gods of Amala hate me. *hot tears*

● My Momma
● Abiola Aisida Ademuwagun @IREABIOLA
● Guy Fieri

● My mum is a woman of few words when it comes to teaching cooking o! I learnt from her school of hard knocks – and hot slaps, literally speaking.
● Mum: *peeps into pot of my cooking* ‘Is this how you will cook it for your future mother-in-law?’



I'm not short jor. The gas cooker is too tall.

● I’m camera shy *bats eyelashes*

Enjoyed me on the Hot Plate? Drop me a comment or two or three! I’d especially love to hear about you on the Hot Plate too. Just send me an email with your full name, Twitter and Facebook details. The email subject should be titled ‘Dr. Peppers/Hot Plate’ and should contain your answers to the questions as I’ve done in this post. I promise, I’ll feature everyone that sends an email. But still, drop your comments o!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I gotta run now though. I need to go hawk me some peppers. U sef fit buy here.



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