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Love and Addicitions

*lonesome face*

It’s been a minutes since I was here to say hello

So, I want to make a kornfession. I afve an addiction, a bad habit. (*in whispers* maami must not hear o). Cos she avfe warn me.

Diz is wah I have bekorme…*help me, wails*

See I write it in poem. *smiles*


I have had you….I still want more

There’s something habout you, a feeling,

One I kant ignore

You quell the burning desire in me

You cool the flame of desire on my tongue

You soothe my innermost paunch


You and me, one too many times already

Too many promises broken; I say

I can leave without my arddiction,

Like a bad habit you have grown on me…


You alone is good; ‘nuts, oh the nuts,

they make me shiver,

putting my teeth to work,

and my lips savouring the aftermath….


People wonderr, what strong desire is diz?

You come in handy – milked up, sugar coated – all season-  rainny, or sunny!

I don’t know why… but I let you; I let me; I let you let me

I remember other days with you,



You and me, sharing quiet moments after the ahard dayz work

Your straws, sweet and tasty in the cold waters

I want you, I had you.

But still I want more.


Save me!

Save me from thus burning desire

For GarrimilkedupandGroundnuted soaked in chilled water at 2am in the Morning.


*U see*


Leave me a message, or comment.

I want to tulk on this my issue with you, the only friends I afve. Thank you. *hugs*

*Kisses an hugs*



Onions for life!!!


*Walks in front of camera with style*

Drum Roll *salutes*

*wide grin* [a]How [h]are you? I know you [a]have missed me since the last time I was with you. Ehn, I am here now so do not worry any more, ehn, oya come and collect hug and *peppered kisses*

*Adjusts buba*

So you know as we have started to talk about the three thinz that make [h]up the OmoAlata Pepper Mix; Tomato, Pepper and Onion. And we hav[f]e talk about Tomatoes before, so today I have say we talk on onions….*winks*


Forget that Onion always make you cry, *tongue out,*See ehn, onions hav[f]e so many health benefits, plus, that wonderful aroma and taste it give your food.

*straight face* Let us talk about the good things that Onions can do for your body.

1.      The phytochemicals *raised eyebrow* in onions improve the working of Vitamin C in the body. That means when you eat portions of onion you are blessed with improved immunity, giving you plenty strength to fight against bacterial disease and germs that harm the body.

2.      Onions also contains chromium, which helps in regulating blood sugar, thereby preventing high and low blood sugar. They also, have been used to reduce inflammation and heal infections on the skin and other part of the body.

3.      Do you normally use to put sliced onions inside your food…*ahahaha, God bless you*. See, raw onion helps the production of good cholesterol, thus keeping your heart healthy. *in whispers* they help balance the body fat.

4.      Onions are a rich source substance known to provide protection against cardiovascular disease and more.

5.      Onion helps to lower our risk of several cancers, even when we consume it in only small, small amounts. Small, generally means 1-2 times per week. Colorectal cancer, laryngeal cancer, stomach cancer, and ovarian cancer are the cancer types for which risk is reduced with the regular intake of onions.

6.      WHO recognizes that onions help relieve symptoms such as coughs, congestion asthma, respiratory infections and reducing your risk of developing gastric ulcers.

Selecting and Storing

*Reties iro and adjusts buba*

*straight face*,

Okay, see when you are choosing onions, ehn, make sure they are clean, well shaped, have no opening, and have crisp, dry outer skins. Okay!  Always avoid those that are sprouting or have signs of mold.

So when you see the ones that have soft spots, moisture, or dark patches, always avoid them, because it can be that the onion hav[f]e decay inside. *squeezes face*

And see ehn, always make sure that the base is whitish in color, and then u can avoid those that have wilted *weakened* or yellowed tops.

For storing, onions should be stored in a well ventilated space or place, away from heat and bright light. They say it is not good to refrigerate onions*covers face*.

Place them in a hanging basket or a perforated bowl with a raised base so that air can pass through underneath.

All onions should be stored away from potatoes, so that they will not absorb their moisture and causing them the onions to spoil more readily.

Store cut onions by placing in a sealed container; use them within a day or two since they tend to oxidize *react to oxygen* and lose their nutrient content rather quickly.


*smiles* What would a kitchen be without the smell and taste of onions filling out the flavors of almost every type of food, sauce and everything there is…*shakes head* no good.

*wide grin*

All these reasons and more are what make you love OmoAlata Pepper Mix.

Shout it at the top of the mountain; OmoAlata Pepper Mix is good thing.

I want to hear from you too oh…*mmmuahhh*

Tomatoes…and the Benefits


Good Day my Pepperlicious peeps!

Warrahappen on your side?

I (h)am back again, and this time it is because someone haff ask me what the benefits of tomatoes is? So, after putting on my thinking gele, I figure that I think I should tell all my lovely fooddies about tomatoes.

So you know OmoAlata Pepper Mix is a combination of pepper, tomatoes and onions, well, so I’m going to break it down; that is, I would talk about eacsh of these one by one.

*don’t get it twisted, OmoAlata is beautiful thing* {DBanj’s voice}

So, today, it is TOMATOES. *winks*

 I want to beleaf that all of [h]us know the very many uses, but not all of my lovely people know the good thinz that tomatoe does for the body. *straight face*

In many ways, tomato is very beneficial to the body.

Tomato is one of the most common and famous vegetable. There are many inspired tomato dishes that helps promote a healthy well being.  In some cases, Tomatoes are be used as a sauce to many fried dishes.

The main thing about tomatoes is that it contains Antioxidant. This is a type of molecule (a small unit of substance) that neutralizes harmful compounds in body. The presence of this substance in tomatoes adds to its medicinal quality.


1.      It also helps to fight against abnormal cells in the body that evolve into malignant tumor, which are cancerous, that is tomato fight the cancerous tumors. A regular eating of tomatoes helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men, cancers of the stomach, throat, mouth, and pancreas.

2.      Also these antioxidants help boost the smoothness and freshness of the skin. *rubs face, wide grin* you see, when you eat tomato its nutrients help the skins ability to protect itself against ultra Violet Rays (*whispers* Sun). Tomato helps reduce acne and gets rid of pimple infection fast. Also prevents skin breakout *wrinkles* and since tomatoes are a good source of vitamin A, it is good for hair growth and helps keep hair strong and shiny.

3.      Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins A, C, K and potassium. And vitamin C helps to prevent cataracts in the eye *winks*. It may also help lowering the risk of heart disease, strokes and high cholesterol. *side eye*

4.      Also tomato helps to strengthen the immune system.

5.      Vey surprisingly another benefit of drinking tomato especially when squeezed into juice is its ability to aid in weight loss. *Yes ke* Unknown to many, tomato is helpful in losing weight. It helps to flush out the body’s toxin and shed that unwanted kgs quick. *wide grin*

*adjusts thinking gele*

A Tomato diet gives the body nutrients and calories which are very necessary for the metabolic process. Its fiber helps regulate bowel movement and prevents constipation.

It keeps the liver healthy and functioning well.

Since tomatoes are naturally rich in water, it helps the body hydrated even after strenuous exercise

We must know that in eating tomato; always go for the ripe red tomatoes instead of the soft, near watery ones. Cooked or heat processed tomatoes contain more ANTIOXIDANT lycopene, because cooking helps to release lycopene from the tomato cells.

Fresh tomatoes can be added to salads, sandwiches or as garnishes to a main meal.

I do not need to talk about this nah nah we we…Okay you know what ehn, because I am happy, let’s do [h]it like this, share with us your favorite tomato sauce, or meal, and if possible a pic, *wide grin*and you get to win an OmoAlata Gift Pack. *winks*

So what her you waiting for…Oya Share joor *Reties Iro* and eh, do not forget to tell a friend about Omoalata Pepper Mix!


I ruff you very munch

Hugs and peppered Kisses

*straight face* share this with your friends too oh…*winks*



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