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It is Hot and it is Sweet

Yerz, its been a small seconds time that I was here…but I ham here now.

And ehn, I havfe now come to talk habout the last condiment of the OmoAlata Pepper Mix – Pepper. I have talk about Onion, and Tomato in other postings on here. This is a completing one. *winks*

So,*adjust thinking gele* Its all habout Pepper

Today I want to let you know that no matter what, Pepper — hot or not — do more than spice up your fried egg, or serve as toppings for your salad. Pepper helps you get some of your highest daily need of vitamins, and also contains compounds that may be linked to weight loss, pain reduction, improving libido and other benefits.

Whether mild or fiery, peppers are nutrient-dense. They’re one of the richest sources of vitamins A and C.

  • With the red pepper as ingredient in your meal, you are bound to pack a dose of Vitamin C. and Vitamin c serves as an antioxidant protecting your cells from toxins. Also, Vitamin C helps in lowering cancer risk and protects against cataracts.
  • Also with a proper intake of pepper one is bound to shit correct *wide grin*. Pepper is a good source of fibre, and fibre increases the body rate of waste removal thus protecting healthy cells from toxins, that would have otherwise been re-released into the bloodstream.
  • And red pepper is composed of about 90 percent water. And water is necessary for maintaining a healthy body because it provides the fluid necessary for flushing out metabolic waste and environmental toxins.
  • Eating pepper also provides one with the proper dose of Vitamin A, which may help preserve eyesight, and fend off infections. It produces the pigments the retina needs to maintain healthy vision; most importantly night vision. It also supports the heath of the skin.
  • Vitamin B6 is also one of the vitamins that come with a regular intake of pepper, which is vital for essential chemical reactions throughout the body including those involving brain and immune functions.
  • And Lycopene, which may decrease the risk for cancer.

So you see, with OmoAlata pepper Mix, your diet can never go wrong. *dancing skelewu*

Tips for a Peppered Diet

It’s easy to include peppers in your diet. You can grill, steam, or stir-fry them. Many peppers are also delicious raw, simply chopped as a complement for Salad, Suya, Asun, or Noodles. *smacks lips*

Make a stew with mild peppers or chopped pieces to rice or beans at its nearly done stage.

Toss peppers in to your variety of soup to give it a little kick.

If you like your food hot, leave more of the inner white membrane on the chopped pepper, as that is where most of the capsaicin is concentrated.


So now that I have shared with you the health benefits of pepper, onion, and tomato; the three ingredients of the OmoAlata pepper Mix.

You share with us, how you use pepper, and what meals you love ‘cause it contains pepper. For me I cannnot [h]eat indomie without slicing some pepper (tatase), and I love Asun for pepper.

And tell your friends…

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