Market Party

Walks into scene with Megaphones

*Kere o* (town crier call in Yoruba) 

And, as we know that the market party is soon to come, the Iyaloja have been asked me to tell you that tonight everybody must go to bed early… so that we can start preparations for tomorrow very early.  


*reties iro*


As you know that me, as the Queen of Spice, the OMOALATA 1, Omowe of Gbogbo oja. I have come with some tips for good sleeping…*shines teeth*

All these of my sleeping tips have been tested by the Iyaloja herself oh. 


So, I know many have belief that if you drink alcohol you will have a good sleep. But this is not a plenty true. See, alcohol can lead to dehydration and begin disrupting the restorative sleep functions therefore, not giving you a refreshing feeling in the morning.


Another is our great friend ice cream *raised eyebrow*. It is true that ice is a very comforting something, but the fat and richness is sugar and will disrupt sleep small small and even do more than harm your sleep.


And then, chips, (plantain chips, igbekere, kulikuli, etc) these snacky snacky meals, make room for one too be eating much of it. So as to avoid eating much, snack on healthier stuff like carrots and wholenuts. Thier crunchy feeling and filling ability will keep you going in the evening after dinner, while you are at the TV or working twitter and wordpress on your computer.


See, avoid Red meat. Yes eran malu (cow meat), contains fats and proteins, but it takes much longer than any other foods to digest. And that will keep the stomach working the whole night, which will lead to discomfort or even pain. So avoid red mean before bedtime.


For coffee people like me…I’m saying try and avoid anything coffee before bed. Whether coffee gangan, or coffee flavour, or coffee topins or anything coffee sha avoid it. Cos the caffeine will be doing like disco light with your body system.


Also try avoid pasta—all these spaghetti and indomie things, pls let it go… The will just be adding to your waist line, and giving you extra flabs and things, I swear.


And then, my pastries and sweets people, avoid sweets, donuts, cupcakes, cookies and the likes before sleep. These will make thou gain weight and make sleeping not so refreshing


Yes and fruits is good. But too much of anything is not good oh. So, too much of fruits, can cause gasses the whole night. Small quantity is good.


And also avoid cereals before bed. Yes! They are easy for “make one have larger bowls” and before one have know it, one have finish one pack. All my golden morn or cerelac adults, we know ourself.


So, I hope I have been able to pass information that Iyaloja send me…and as for tomorrow parry, I will see you there… *winks*

 *peppered kisses* 

*rings bell, walks out of scene in style* 


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