In-som-nia, where is sleep?

*cell phone ringing* 

*answers* Hello… 

Haa…Awayu Deduni, how is school? Sista mi nko? It is good to hear from you o. 

*laughs* thank you my dear…

I did not forget you, mabinu. I know I promised to come over last weekend but I have been up and down ni o. Market has been serious. And then we are about to have another election for the post of Iyaloja of our Market. So as the secretary of the association I have to be present at the general meeting. Mabinu dear. Sogbo? Bawo ni? (How are you in Yoruba) 

Se school lo dede (is school going on well?) your mummy have said something about you having plenty trouble sleeping at night. Ehn yes, insomnia.

I think it is not something to have sleepless night over. Considering that you have just start to be experiencing this insomnia something. 

All you need do is to change some things in the way you have do things before and let’s see how things might change. Most times, insomnia is because of changes in sleeping pattern and poor sleeping surrounding.

Deduni, dealing with insomnia would require that you first of all, try to go to bed at the same time every day and also, getting up at the same time every day. This way, you will be able to programme your body to sleep better at this particular time. Just choose a time when you know you are free and no one will come and wake you up again. 

And then, you have to create a good sleeping environment. 

That is, you will try and be keeping your work/ reading space away from your room. That way, you do not distract yourself with books or work as the situation would be. Also avoid working on your bed. Here, it involves, not doing anything like studying while in bed and all. You see, your body will gradually adjust to this new situations as you begin to practise them. Are you hearing me?

Then you need to keep the room as quiet and as dark as possible. This way, your body relaxes and system slows down for sleep. A quiet and serene bedroom environment can help “sleep catch you” and it can stay like that for a while.

Another is that you have need to make sure your bed is comfortable. Try and get mattress that is not too soft or too hard. But more important, try and find one that suits you perfect, and that you are comfortable in. Also, avoid napping after 6pm or else it might become harder for you to sleep at night. 

And this one that we are always talking about is exercise. Regular exercise is good. It will help moderate you body system. Walking, jogging or sit-ups and other small exercise that have not needing wahala before bedtime is good. Serious one, might keep you awake o.

Also, relaxing before going to bed is a good something. Baffing, listening to music…something to relax the body system. Also avoid thinking in bed. Let the mind settle down. Forget the workload on your table. Just make plans for tomorrow and see them as done. But leave the worries till the next day. You even have nothing to worry about….

If you like to drink caffeine whether it is coke, coffee, tea, or energy drink, avoid all these things in the evening. All these are going to be interfere with sleeping process and can be preventing deep sleep, since caffeine can last up to 24 hours. In case of incasity, avoid heavy food, alcohol and smoking at night as this can affect your sleeping. 

You see Deduni the whole idea of all this things is that you have to adjust your sleeping pattern to a regular one and making your room suitable for sleeping, as well as avoiding everything that can prevent you from having a deep sleep. Se o gbo? (Have you heard in Yoruba)

No problem my dear…what kind of aunty and God-mother would I be if I couldn’t be of help. Take care of you..don’t worry, I still have your account number. I send something to you soon, okay. I don’t know when, but I know I have in my mind Dunni, sogbo..

Odabo, ranti omo eni ti iwo se..take care of you. you too aburo..


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*peppered kisses *



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One thought on “In-som-nia, where is sleep?

  1. Reuben September 16, 2016 at 9:44 am Reply

    Nice write up , got to know about you on NTA young boss program yesterday keep it up sis.

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