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Dealing with odoriferous saga of the mouth


*Strolls casually onto service lane and clears throat*

Ehn, I have been away and back.

And while I am away, I haff see people and know plenty people. And I haff notice that with the people am meeting in the market or in the streets or u know *adjust buba* when I’m going for some owambe things am notice something that is very worrying.

You see, it is a mouth odor something. *Olorun o ti su mi* it is like everybody is carrying a mouth odor. How manage I don’t know!

But one thing which I know is that, see ehn, many of the people that haff this situation, are not knowing they haff it.

So that haff made me think and take my time to research, and then haff ask my dentistry friend some questions…*yes ke, me OmoAlata haff a friend doctor.* Dr B, I see you.

You see ehn, Dr B speak plenty oyinbo. He haff say that ‘everyone has bad breath when we wake up in the morning and that bad breath is often caused by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth which causes inflammation and gives off noxious odors or gases that smell like sulfur or worse ( be like spoilt beans and rotten boiled egg mixed together eeeewww)

He say ehn that “most times, the best way to find out is to ask a trusted friend or your significant other “Does my breath smell?”. You can also find out by licking your wrist and waiting 30seconds then smelling the saliva left on the wrist *do it now and see* or smell your dental floss after you use it.”


My Dr, haff say that “cavities or gum disease can lead to bad breath, trapped food particles in cracked fillings and unclean dentures (false teeth) are also culprits. Some medical conditions like diabetes, liver disease, sinus infections etc can also cause your breath to go off mark. Smokers too should beware because your breath can start to smell like rotten egg….*Dr B  he haff say so o, so don’t look my face, uche!!!*

You’ll want to see your doctor (Dr B) to rule out any underlying medical conditions if you suffer from bad breath.

See your Dentist, Brush your Teeth

My Doki advise say “good oral hygiene is part of the key to fighting bad breath. Ideally, you should brush and floss after every meal to help reduce the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. Some mouthwashes or mouth rinses can help prevent cavities and reduce bacteria-causing plaque and fight bad breath. Stick to an antiseptic or antibacterial rinse that kills bacteria, rather than the cosmetic rinse that just focuses on masking the bad breath”. *you hear*

Watch What You Eat

Dr B haff continue o. He say “what you eat affects what you exhale. That’s because as food is digested, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream and then is expelled by your lungs when you breathe.” So “eat a healthy, balanced diet and regular meals. Extreme fasting and very low-carb diets — can give you bad/smelly breath.”  He come say, “You should avoid breath busters such as garlic, onions, and some other spicy foods. Chronic garlic users do not only have chronic bad breath, they also often have body odor.”


  • Stay hydrated

If you can’t brush your teeth after a meal, drinking a lot of water can help speed up the process of cleaning harmful bacteria and debris from between your teeth. Drinking milk can even help deodorize some offensive breath odors. Try avoiding sugary drinks though.

  • Don’t drink too much coffee

It may be tasty, but coffee is a tough smell to get off the back of your tongue.  So if you are heavy user of coffee, like me, try brushing regularly and drinking water after every cup or mug…. Just rinse, the mouth and tongue afterwards.

  • Don’t smoke

Cigarettes, pipes, cigar, or snuff can mess up your breath.

  • Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol can lead to a dry mouth. Too much beer, wine, and hard liquor can make your breath reek for up to eight to 10 hours after you finish drinking.  Try and drink water or milk after wards to rinse off the strong smell of alcohol.

  • Be careful with breath mints

Mints are OK for a quick fix but only mask the offensive smell and do nothing to remove harmful bad bacteria. If you are tempted to pick up a mint as you leave white house sabo, or any-other buka, cafeteria, or canteen, Don’t. The sugar will only sit on your teeth and make the problem worse. *covers face* I always dey do am after I haff eat Amala, or fufu.

So if you think you don’t have bad breath, eyan, don’t ignore these warning… *watch your side* it just might be around the corner… *tongue out*


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*drops mic*

*Picks mic*

A big shout out to my DR B….olenu pa…*triple tuale*




Been a minute o! How have you been? Yes, I have missed you too! *blows peppered kisses*
So… *adjusts my thinking gele* What to post about today..? Aha! I gorrit!
I tweeted some days ago ’bout my kitchen and my little every day successes and miracles. And then it occurred to me that I have never put myself on the Kitchen Hot Plate (abi na Hot Seat?) for the entertainment and education of all of una. So here goes, Peeps! #MeetOmoAlata. Enjoy…

● I absolutely love doing the dishes! Before I start washing them though, I stack them up in a well arranged order. Le OCD?
● I used to cover my pots with the lids upside down! And then, I’d place soup/stew spoons on the upturned lids. A bad habit I picked my rice-selling days. I think I’ve stopped it now sha.

● Onions. My dad said those small small one taste bitter though.
● Black Pepper. Odikwa magic!

● Making ‘Succulent Eba’! How-to? See me in camera. *winks*
● Iron Toast Bread. Heaven!
● My many-many cocktail mixes! ♥♥♥

● The 1st Eba I ever made was for my grandma. I served it like ‘paper machè’. She cussed me taya – in Ijesha language, that day.

● Making tapioca with my microwave.

Isale potu of Jollof Rice
● Microwave-made tapioca

● Amala! I swear, the gods of Amala hate me. *hot tears*

● My Momma
● Abiola Aisida Ademuwagun @IREABIOLA
● Guy Fieri

● My mum is a woman of few words when it comes to teaching cooking o! I learnt from her school of hard knocks – and hot slaps, literally speaking.
● Mum: *peeps into pot of my cooking* ‘Is this how you will cook it for your future mother-in-law?’



I'm not short jor. The gas cooker is too tall.

● I’m camera shy *bats eyelashes*

Enjoyed me on the Hot Plate? Drop me a comment or two or three! I’d especially love to hear about you on the Hot Plate too. Just send me an email with your full name, Twitter and Facebook details. The email subject should be titled ‘Dr. Peppers/Hot Plate’ and should contain your answers to the questions as I’ve done in this post. I promise, I’ll feature everyone that sends an email. But still, drop your comments o!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I gotta run now though. I need to go hawk me some peppers. U sef fit buy here.



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