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Tomatoes…and the Benefits


Good Day my Pepperlicious peeps!

Warrahappen on your side?

I (h)am back again, and this time it is because someone haff ask me what the benefits of tomatoes is? So, after putting on my thinking gele, I figure that I think I should tell all my lovely fooddies about tomatoes.

So you know OmoAlata Pepper Mix is a combination of pepper, tomatoes and onions, well, so I’m going to break it down; that is, I would talk about eacsh of these one by one.

*don’t get it twisted, OmoAlata is beautiful thing* {DBanj’s voice}

So, today, it is TOMATOES. *winks*

 I want to beleaf that all of [h]us know the very many uses, but not all of my lovely people know the good thinz that tomatoe does for the body. *straight face*

In many ways, tomato is very beneficial to the body.

Tomato is one of the most common and famous vegetable. There are many inspired tomato dishes that helps promote a healthy well being.  In some cases, Tomatoes are be used as a sauce to many fried dishes.

The main thing about tomatoes is that it contains Antioxidant. This is a type of molecule (a small unit of substance) that neutralizes harmful compounds in body. The presence of this substance in tomatoes adds to its medicinal quality.


1.      It also helps to fight against abnormal cells in the body that evolve into malignant tumor, which are cancerous, that is tomato fight the cancerous tumors. A regular eating of tomatoes helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men, cancers of the stomach, throat, mouth, and pancreas.

2.      Also these antioxidants help boost the smoothness and freshness of the skin. *rubs face, wide grin* you see, when you eat tomato its nutrients help the skins ability to protect itself against ultra Violet Rays (*whispers* Sun). Tomato helps reduce acne and gets rid of pimple infection fast. Also prevents skin breakout *wrinkles* and since tomatoes are a good source of vitamin A, it is good for hair growth and helps keep hair strong and shiny.

3.      Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins A, C, K and potassium. And vitamin C helps to prevent cataracts in the eye *winks*. It may also help lowering the risk of heart disease, strokes and high cholesterol. *side eye*

4.      Also tomato helps to strengthen the immune system.

5.      Vey surprisingly another benefit of drinking tomato especially when squeezed into juice is its ability to aid in weight loss. *Yes ke* Unknown to many, tomato is helpful in losing weight. It helps to flush out the body’s toxin and shed that unwanted kgs quick. *wide grin*

*adjusts thinking gele*

A Tomato diet gives the body nutrients and calories which are very necessary for the metabolic process. Its fiber helps regulate bowel movement and prevents constipation.

It keeps the liver healthy and functioning well.

Since tomatoes are naturally rich in water, it helps the body hydrated even after strenuous exercise

We must know that in eating tomato; always go for the ripe red tomatoes instead of the soft, near watery ones. Cooked or heat processed tomatoes contain more ANTIOXIDANT lycopene, because cooking helps to release lycopene from the tomato cells.

Fresh tomatoes can be added to salads, sandwiches or as garnishes to a main meal.

I do not need to talk about this nah nah we we…Okay you know what ehn, because I am happy, let’s do [h]it like this, share with us your favorite tomato sauce, or meal, and if possible a pic, *wide grin*and you get to win an OmoAlata Gift Pack. *winks*

So what her you waiting for…Oya Share joor *Reties Iro* and eh, do not forget to tell a friend about Omoalata Pepper Mix!


I ruff you very munch

Hugs and peppered Kisses

*straight face* share this with your friends too oh…*winks*



I like food…You do too!

Hello my dear Fooddies,

Yes o it is me and food again, puh- lease hear me out.

*Adjust thinking gele*

You see ehn, I know I like food and like to [h]eat but [h]am not fat like you expect. What you people don’t know is that, eating food is one thing, eating it right is another thing o.

Me, I [h]eat three times daily, sometimes, four or five times. *yez ke, adjusts buba*

Ehnn calm down it is like this, I [h]eat small small portions and not plenty plenty food like you load inside your bowl.

I know you don’t eat plenty times, just once a day or twice abi? *yinmu* But, in those times, you [h]eat plenty food. You will load your plate, as if no, they want to sell you. You want to kill your hintestine? Haba

Food is good for the body but eating right is the koko. Let me tell you the asiri (secret), come close joor, stop forming.

If you [h]eat small small food quantites, like, say three times or four times daily, it is better than [h]eating one time or two times and overloading you stomach container.

That small food is not [h]eba four times, or [h]amala six times oh.

Just try and [h]eat orishirishi variety. You know like:

1)      Fruits and vegetables because they are a good source of vitamins. If it is one orange or banana on your way to work, instead of that biscuit in your bag, abeg try.

2)      Starchy foods are also important for energy like rice, potatoes etc. (sweet or Irish, potatoes is potatoes).

3)      Then you need to [h]eat fish, eggs, beans for protein. Protein [e]helps in body growth and repairs; quick healing of injuries etc.

4)      Nuts, oranges, beans, corn [h]are also very good sources of fiber and fiber is good for digestion/bowel movement (no labour pains in the toilet) and can lower blood sugar sef

5)      WATER: See ehn, forget all those sweet sweet drinks. Me and you know, if it is not water, it cannot be like water. So abeg drink plenty of water daily, my lovely fooddies.

Yeepa before I forget, you cannot afford not to have this as a part of your diet o. PEPPER *serious face* am not lying o. It is delicious, helps clear your catarrh during this rainy season plus it aids metabolism (*whispering* burns fat). OmoAlata’s PepperMix is just the right blend of peppers, tomatoes and onions you need. Daz All!!!!!

I got to run now, customer is calling me. *yers, I’m coming oh, baba iya mi o.*

Till next time, make OmoAlata your choice!!!

Catchya later [in Jenifa’s voice]

*Peppered kisses*

The 1st Red Letter

Hello! Welcome to my kitchen! Naaaaah! Scratch that.
*in Madea’s voice* Helluuuuur!
*in Sulia’s voice* What are you faining in my kitshen?
*in Chigurl’s voice* U wanra buy some pepper?
And now, you are probably wondering if I’ve got a multiple personality disorder.

Seriously tho! Welcome to my blog. And thank you so much for stopping by. I’m so happy to pen these words of love to you underneath the moonlight of the bamboo tree just behind your hostel… I expect those that were into writing lame-ass love notes back in the days would understand that. *winks*

Now. *game face on* Who’s OmoAlata? And what’s the noise about this blog all about? *drum rolls* Trust me. This is a kitchen like one you’ve never been to before. Pots and pans – amongst other things, will definitely fly. In this kitchen, there would be love, laughter and there would lots to learn. This blog is the growing baby of the OmoAlata – McPeppers brand and trust me when I say the future of this brand is going to WOW you outta your panties! Yep. I said it. Sue me. :p

But “seriously tho” – and I probably should stop using that phrase, I’m happy that you are here and promise that every moment you spend (reading, commenting and telling people to subscribe to this blog) would be worth it! The product being hyped – for now, is the OmoAlata Pepper Mix. But, that is just for now. Today, Pepper, tomorrow, The World! *chuckles excitedly*

So, once again, I welcome you to what I’d like to call “The Epic Kitchen” and though this blog title reads “OmoAlata”, trust me, this page would definitely be known for more than the pepper that I’m selling right now!

Now. *clenches fist*
For the sake of national peace, please do the following;

1. SUBSCRIBE to this blog page
2. PURSUE me on Twitter
3. LOVE me on FB and tell a friend about me!
4. BUY Me! Cuz, owo ni koko mehn!

There! That wasn’t so hard was it? Ose jere.
Now, let me get to work on this #Valentine matter.

Toodles, mi loves! *blows peppered kisses*

Yours in a selzy red kitchen apron,
Dame Pepperlicious.

Many thanks to @MyLucidGabble and @deTONEnate for helping birth this first post.

Bless your sweet peppered hearts!


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