Garden Egg Sauce

Beautiful people,

Garden eggs, also known as eggplant is a very good source of dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, copper and thiamine (vitamin B1).

The garden egg stew is a very popular meal, it is very easy and fast to cook. It can be served with a variety of dishes ranging from rice, pasta, plantain, potatoes to boiled yam, just name it. When cooked without meat, it serves as an awesome meal for vegetarians.

The garden egg stew can be so alluring and depending on the ingredients. However, the presence of fried crayfish helps improve taste. 


Garden eggs are great for weight loss and due to the nature of the eggs, they get tender very quickly. When making the garden egg stew you may choose to

-chop and sauté the garden eggs before putting it in the stew.

-peel off the skin before cooking or you might just decide to leave it. Which ever one works best for you.

You will need:


1. Garden eggs


2. Tomatoes 3 raw and 1 16 or 24oz can of whole tomatoes/ tomato puree


3. Pepper, tatashe (red bell peppers) and Onions. (OmoAlata Pepper Mix, GBAM! )


4. Spices (seasoning cubes and any other spice you like)


5. Meet of choice; Cow foot/ beef/chicken/fish


6. Salt


7. Fried crayfish


8. Garlic (optional)


9. Smoked fish




What to do:


Before you begin cooking


-Wash and blend peppers and onion together.

(OmoAlata Pepper Mix)

-Wash, season and boil the fish. Set it aside and mash when cooked properly.


1. Wash then cut the garden egg and boil it until it is tender.


2. When garden eggs are soft (the skin would start to peel off), remove and place in a bowl of cold water then start to remove skin.


3. Drain and then blend/pound/mash it with a wooden spoon.


4. Add palm oil to a frying pan and let it heat, add the blended pepper(OmoAlata Pepper Mix) and fry for about 3-6 minutes till it thickens and dry to a bit.


5. Add the spices and other extras like crayfish, fish, shredded chicken/beef etc. add salt to taste.


6. Add the crushed garden egg, stir together and let it cook for about 10 minutes.


7. Scoop and serve with your preferred dish.




With OmoAlata, the steps are cut short. 


To add a few Nutritional benefits of Garden Egg- 


1. The garden egg can be regarded as a brain food. It contains nasunin which protects the fats in brain cell membranes.


2. Garden eggs have been found to be beneficial for people with glaucoma because it lowers the eye pressure.


3. Egg Plant is low in calories and high in fibre; it is good for carbohydrate counters and dieters can actually snack on garden eggs in-between meals.


4. Individuals with existing and untreated kidney or gallbladder problems may want to avoid eating eggplant. This is because Eggplant contains measurable amounts of oxalates; when oxalates become too concentrated in body fluids, they can crystallize and cause health problems- Kidney stone, gallbladder and the likes. 


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*Peppered kisses*



In-som-nia, where is sleep?

*cell phone ringing* 

*answers* Hello… 

Haa…Awayu Deduni, how is school? Sista mi nko? It is good to hear from you o. 

*laughs* thank you my dear…

I did not forget you, mabinu. I know I promised to come over last weekend but I have been up and down ni o. Market has been serious. And then we are about to have another election for the post of Iyaloja of our Market. So as the secretary of the association I have to be present at the general meeting. Mabinu dear. Sogbo? Bawo ni? (How are you in Yoruba) 

Se school lo dede (is school going on well?) your mummy have said something about you having plenty trouble sleeping at night. Ehn yes, insomnia.

I think it is not something to have sleepless night over. Considering that you have just start to be experiencing this insomnia something. 

All you need do is to change some things in the way you have do things before and let’s see how things might change. Most times, insomnia is because of changes in sleeping pattern and poor sleeping surrounding.

Deduni, dealing with insomnia would require that you first of all, try to go to bed at the same time every day and also, getting up at the same time every day. This way, you will be able to programme your body to sleep better at this particular time. Just choose a time when you know you are free and no one will come and wake you up again. 

And then, you have to create a good sleeping environment. 

That is, you will try and be keeping your work/ reading space away from your room. That way, you do not distract yourself with books or work as the situation would be. Also avoid working on your bed. Here, it involves, not doing anything like studying while in bed and all. You see, your body will gradually adjust to this new situations as you begin to practise them. Are you hearing me?

Then you need to keep the room as quiet and as dark as possible. This way, your body relaxes and system slows down for sleep. A quiet and serene bedroom environment can help “sleep catch you” and it can stay like that for a while.

Another is that you have need to make sure your bed is comfortable. Try and get mattress that is not too soft or too hard. But more important, try and find one that suits you perfect, and that you are comfortable in. Also, avoid napping after 6pm or else it might become harder for you to sleep at night. 

And this one that we are always talking about is exercise. Regular exercise is good. It will help moderate you body system. Walking, jogging or sit-ups and other small exercise that have not needing wahala before bedtime is good. Serious one, might keep you awake o.

Also, relaxing before going to bed is a good something. Baffing, listening to music…something to relax the body system. Also avoid thinking in bed. Let the mind settle down. Forget the workload on your table. Just make plans for tomorrow and see them as done. But leave the worries till the next day. You even have nothing to worry about….

If you like to drink caffeine whether it is coke, coffee, tea, or energy drink, avoid all these things in the evening. All these are going to be interfere with sleeping process and can be preventing deep sleep, since caffeine can last up to 24 hours. In case of incasity, avoid heavy food, alcohol and smoking at night as this can affect your sleeping. 

You see Deduni the whole idea of all this things is that you have to adjust your sleeping pattern to a regular one and making your room suitable for sleeping, as well as avoiding everything that can prevent you from having a deep sleep. Se o gbo? (Have you heard in Yoruba)

No problem my dear…what kind of aunty and God-mother would I be if I couldn’t be of help. Take care of you..don’t worry, I still have your account number. I send something to you soon, okay. I don’t know when, but I know I have in my mind Dunni, sogbo..

Odabo, ranti omo eni ti iwo se..take care of you. you too aburo..


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*peppered kisses *


Letter to my Sista

*pulls a chair to the table* and reaches for pen and Paper

Sista mi,

How are you and how is everything going on for you? How is uncle and the children? Hope all of them are fine?

I am getting your letter through Femi yesterday. It is good you have write letter…it have make me happy. I am not happy when you have tell me on the phone that you have forget my birthday it have pain me…but as I have read your letter now, I understand.

Sista, you know it is a long time ago, that this memory something have start. And you have tell me that time, and I tell you the things you are to be eating and doing to correct this kain of thing. Mama Femi, memory is a something that cannot be played with like that…even me, I am been conscious of this kain of thing. Sometime I am forget the customer to go and deliver pepper to or who have collect and have not pay. But no wahala sha, I know things will be better.

I have not know any medicine that can help, but as you know, that me and food, have become like brother and sister…so I can tell you some food to be eating to help correct this kind of thing. Sista mi, you need to be eating foods that are high in vitamin E, as they will help to prevent one from amnesia (forgetfulness) and the Alzheimer disease (disease of the brain) Such foods have include nuts, peanut butter, and whole grains. Vitamin E foods will help in reducing and combating memory loss, which in some cases is an age related something or a symptom of Alzheimer disease.

This one is good because I know you like eating it. Fish is good for the body, when we are trying to battle with this forgetting something. Whether it is shawa, cat fish, mackerel, tuna, and other fish, all is very rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids which apart from been very helpful for the brain, also have plenty benefits for the heart.  And you even know that eating more fish mean that you will be eating less red meat and other forms of protein that are high in artery-clogging. It is just that, you will not FRY the fish o! If you like to eat fried things like me, use Olive oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil. So it is just boiling/ cooking with sauce / soup or stew.

Another one is peanuts and peanut butter. Deduni will like this one…  cashew nuts, groundnut and peanuts are a powerful food for the brain o.  Me I know, because as you see these nuts they are not just good for help against memory loss, they are also been help, with the heart. And you know me I am a groundnut eating somebody.

Ehn ehn and this next one is Red wine. Sista mi, moderate consumption of red wine may reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and brain power…By moderate amounts I say, a glass or two of red wine. Nothing more o! Sista, nothing more.

One very important something you should indulge in is exercise. Yes, it is not a eating something, but exercise cannot be overemphasized. Regular exercise is as important, if not more, as what you eat when it comes to memory-savings things. Physical exercise will be helping blood circulation and all those kind things to further help the body and brain function properly.

Another one is because of age something (I am not saying you are a old woman but, you know you are older than me..) You have to reduce the number of things you are doing at the same time (multi-tasking) so that you can allow concentration on one thing and your mind will be in what you are doing… Shey you understand?

See sista, the thing is whether it is physical activity or consuming a diet rich in vegetables, fish, nuts and a little of Red wine, all would go a long way to have help you prevent such things as amnesia and other brain and memory diseases and you will be healthier.

I hope that with these, I have been able to help you with these your situation of forgetting things quick. All these things will begin to show effect small small…so don’t worry.

I stop here now. I will come and see her nest week and we will talk about Dedunni’s insomnia something. Help me tell her to just be relaxed. It is something that have just start, so she can still correct it easily.

Till I see you, greet uncle for me, and my aburos.  *peppered kisses*

Your sister,

OmoAlata *shines teeth*

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Market Party

Walks into scene with Megaphones

*Kere o* (town crier call in Yoruba) 

And, as we know that the market party is soon to come, the Iyaloja have been asked me to tell you that tonight everybody must go to bed early… so that we can start preparations for tomorrow very early.  


*reties iro*


As you know that me, as the Queen of Spice, the OMOALATA 1, Omowe of Gbogbo oja. I have come with some tips for good sleeping…*shines teeth*

All these of my sleeping tips have been tested by the Iyaloja herself oh. 


So, I know many have belief that if you drink alcohol you will have a good sleep. But this is not a plenty true. See, alcohol can lead to dehydration and begin disrupting the restorative sleep functions therefore, not giving you a refreshing feeling in the morning.


Another is our great friend ice cream *raised eyebrow*. It is true that ice is a very comforting something, but the fat and richness is sugar and will disrupt sleep small small and even do more than harm your sleep.


And then, chips, (plantain chips, igbekere, kulikuli, etc) these snacky snacky meals, make room for one too be eating much of it. So as to avoid eating much, snack on healthier stuff like carrots and wholenuts. Thier crunchy feeling and filling ability will keep you going in the evening after dinner, while you are at the TV or working twitter and wordpress on your computer.


See, avoid Red meat. Yes eran malu (cow meat), contains fats and proteins, but it takes much longer than any other foods to digest. And that will keep the stomach working the whole night, which will lead to discomfort or even pain. So avoid red mean before bedtime.


For coffee people like me…I’m saying try and avoid anything coffee before bed. Whether coffee gangan, or coffee flavour, or coffee topins or anything coffee sha avoid it. Cos the caffeine will be doing like disco light with your body system.


Also try avoid pasta—all these spaghetti and indomie things, pls let it go… The will just be adding to your waist line, and giving you extra flabs and things, I swear.


And then, my pastries and sweets people, avoid sweets, donuts, cupcakes, cookies and the likes before sleep. These will make thou gain weight and make sleeping not so refreshing


Yes and fruits is good. But too much of anything is not good oh. So, too much of fruits, can cause gasses the whole night. Small quantity is good.


And also avoid cereals before bed. Yes! They are easy for “make one have larger bowls” and before one have know it, one have finish one pack. All my golden morn or cerelac adults, we know ourself.


So, I hope I have been able to pass information that Iyaloja send me…and as for tomorrow parry, I will see you there… *winks*

 *peppered kisses* 

*rings bell, walks out of scene in style* 


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*waves franctically* Hello….awayu

*shines teeth*

How have you been? How dey go dey go? I have missed being here…too much selling pepper have carry me away.


And my friend have come back from school in ‘merika so we have catching up on many sturvs. ( And she have also been vekxing me sef). 

As this my friend e have come back from school; she is a nutrition somebody. she have talking about balance diet, proper proportion and all these kind of thing.  (Yes, I know nah, but her own iz too much argggh)

If you have see how she come and be squeezing nose for hall the food I have cook for her welcome parry. Opening pot and be complaining about oil in efo.. Say, too many fried something. *msccheew*  Well, she have come and beg me, * shines teeth* and say she have forget herself. *rubbish somebody*

So after our fight, we have now talk about more thinz than I knew before, as I have learn new new things about #LivingHealthy and #EatingRight.

And so plenty things that will be coming up soon soon…*stay tuned and watch out*

*adjusts gele*

Queen of Spice Say Oseeeee!!!!

Till next time, I ruff you *peppered kisses*


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